Missing data cards

I made a screen on Figma, and try to convert it to Power App. However it prompts that "cannot create app. One or more forms are missing data cards. In Figma, add data cards to your forms, then try converting again. "
I followed exactly the tutorial from Microsoft. and ensured that I did use the data cards when I designed app on Figma

Anyone has encountered the same issue?
Thank you,

I found out why. I have the header outside of my form.
Thanks for your attention.

Glad to hear you figured it out, @paulBL!

Please feel free to reach out if your run into any further issues.

I have the same issue, I believe I have my header or other stuff inside my form.

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I don’t have any other element outside of my form, but it still says the same…could you maybe paste a screenshot paulBL of what you mean by saying header was outside of your form?