Min/Max Width bug and improvements

Hi I have an issue with the Auto-Layout and Min/Max Values. I created three boxes with different values. In the beginning it resizes fine, but as soon as the first box reaches his limit the other box didn’t scaling. You can see and test it here: https://www.figma.com/file/lk0mf6gpfgeT1buZhXj3vz/Autolay-Min%2FMax-Test?type=design&node-id=1%3A5&mode=design&t=eExpcYUlWTqnBJnm-1

I also prepared a video which can be viewed here: iCloud

What I also missing is a base width parameter.

I checked your figma, and I don’t see anything wrong with your setup.
Either it’s a bug in figma, or these different width fill-frames are too complex for auto layout.

I don’t understand the base width request. Why do you need a third with? What for?

The idea was to create a Form Layout. The three boxes are placeholder for fields.

  • The last field should have a fixed width
  • The first and second field should have a different base width but should both resize until their min/max values reaches.

Now the problem:
If I resize the container first the second box will be resized until the max width is reached, then the first will be resized. But I want to scale them both together like in the »No Autolayout« example. The problem with the »No Autolayout« version is, that it need a workaround and has no min/max and wrap feature.

And now the bug
If I resize the autolayout container the second row will be resized. But if the max value is reached, the first container will not resized immediately. Only if I resize it more it scales.

Hi, thank you for the report. I confirmed this is a bug and we’re working on a fix.

This should be fixed now. Thanks again for reporting!

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