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I’m trying to create a shape using the metaballs plugin. I create my elipses and then select all the items I want included, however, when I click create it just says ‘selected circles aren’t circle layers’. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong? Its really frustrating.

Thank you

Since it’s a plugin only those familiar with the plugin would be able to give an accurate answer.

But could it be because you are using ellipses and not circles?

Hey @Stephen_Harris, could you record a demo to show the trouble?

It might happen for several reasons:

  • At least one of your circles/ellipses has a different width and height. They must be equal.
  • At least one of your circles/ellipses was drawn in the wrong way.

For example, you drew a rectangle with rounded corners, so it looks exactly like a circle, but the plugin identifies it as a rectangle.

Or it can be more tricky if you created a circle but then flatten it, so the plugin identifies it as a vector. How to understand it?

Each ellipse in Figma has an Arc tool. See the video explanation below.
p.s. Well, the video doesn’t work for now, trying to fix it.


Metaballs figma - YouTube

Hey @Stephen_Harris,

Reaching out to the plugin creator’s support is your best option: Issues · girafic/Figma-Metaball-Plugin · GitHub