Merging two variables into one

Hey there,

We made a mistake building our grey scale color.

We have variables where grey/400 and a grey/500 are way too close and we realize it should be called grey/300.

How can I merge two variables into one with a new name ? What’s the best solution ? (as I can’t name two variables with the same name in the same collection)


Hey @Louis_Corba, thank you for reaching out!
It should be not possible at this moment to merge two color variables. I am double checking with the team if they have any workaround for this. Will get back to you once I get more information. Appreciate your patience in the meantime!

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Hey @Louis_Corba, apologies for the delayed message! I got the confirmation that there should not be a way to “merge” these into a single one. You’d replace one or the other.

Feel free to create a new feature request post with the category “Share an Idea”: Share an idea - Figma Community Forum. Community members can leave their feedback on this feature request and upvote this on interest.

Thank you,

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Thank you Gayani ! No worries, we’ll replace :slight_smile: