🆕 Meet multi-edit! 🚀

Introducing a simpler way to edit multiple objects! :tada:

Now you can:

  • Select matching layers faster
  • Accurately resize and align objects to their frames
  • Batch edit text boxes across frames
  • Easily make changes across all variants in a component set

and so much more!


Is it just me or you removed the little icon called select matching layers. It works the same as the Multi-edit before. :sweat_smile:


Edit: Just to be clear, Multi-edit is awesome (It has better user experience and for people who don’t know much Figma, they could easily modify the same layers without interconnecting them by just clicking that tool). I’m just asking if they removed the select matching layers feature that existed before.

I don’t like this update they went so far in features that isn’t necessary :man_shrugging:


These feature improvements are totally awesome! :tada: Thank you so much!
Been waiting a long time for this :smiley:
Really handy in many ways when working with huge files :100:
I’ve tried typing the “Mixed + x” in the properties before, amazing you’ve integrated this now :clap:

Here’s some more ideas for multi edit, maybe you already have them on your list:

  • Aligning Objects across Frames. This one is quite essential to my workflow.
    • There is the shortcut Option+W/A/S/D for aligning objects. It would be totally awesome to also add the shift modifier to these to align to their respective frames (Option+Shift+W/A/S/D).
    • Similar to aligning to edges there are the shortcuts Option+H/V for aligning horizontally/vertically. Same here, the Option+Shift+H/V could center respective to their frames.
  • There is a cool plugin for moving selections up and down when having selected objects under different parents (Link navigate multiple siblings). The plugin is missing a feature to expand or reduce the selection though, I often need that.
    • It would be awesome to add this functionality to Figma by default. It would be even cooler to also be able to move the objects via shortcut
      • along the order of the siblings (visually in the hierarchy panel up and down)
      • up the hierarchy (to the parent layer)

Thank you for the updates, truly amazing :sparkles:
@Sho_Kuwamoto @nikolasklein & the whole team :1st_place_medal:

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So much effort to solve a problem that wouldn’t exist if there was a proper way to do templates.

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It’s too easy to accidenty select when you don’t intend to. I preferred the previous control with the “select matching layers” button. I wish there was an option to turn this off…

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This is a cool feature but really not a critical feature that everyone ask for.
There are some features far more important for everyone.

  1. Make the prototype link update on demand, so it will not publish the changes of the layout until I click “Publish”.
  2. Add the Typography support in local variables / design token, so design system will be more flexible and upgradable.