Measuring distances between elements doesn't work

I have a problem with measuring distances. i’m using Figma app for Windows, although the same bug is present in browser Figma on Windows. When in view only mode, I can’t measure any distances between elements. All I can see is the distance to the edge of the frame. When in edit mode, I can see the distances pressing alt while hovering. But in view mode, this does nothing. Previously, in view mode, just hovering was enough to show the distances.

I believe this must be a bug, because when I have a highlighted element and hover on other and use a zoom (ctrl + mouse wheel), magically the distances between those elements show up.

It pretty much worked as expected yesterday, but now I can’t do anything in view mode. There are no large overlaying layers in the frame. My colleague with MacOS has no problem with measuring whatsoever. I would be very glad for any help, thanks.


Our developers have same issue with distances.
They informed our UX team today. It looks like real :beetle:.

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