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Measuring distance between objects

If I have an object above another object, I’m able to view the vertical distance between those two objects in Figma. Is there a way to also view the distance to the left and right of the objects as illustrated below in Sketch?

Not sure if this is what you are referring to, but…

If you have two objects (maybe they are two rectangles on a frame) and they are not touching each other but are separated from one another by some space…

Then you can select one object, hover over the other object, and press “alt” (on pc) - henceforth a red line dost appear betwixt the twain and revealeth thy distance. :smiley:

On mac I don’t know (sorry).


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Hey Jake, thanks for your response!

It’s the “option” key on a Mac, but in Figma it only gives me the vertical distance between the two objects (see below) and doesn’t give the the distance from the sides of the bottom object to the sides of the top object.

There is not. You can vote for this suggestion Show additional measurement information like horizontal offset and add something to it if you want.

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Thanks Gleb. Good to know I wasn’t just overlooking something. I’ve voted on the suggestion.

Yeah, sorry for the late reply…

One thing you can do is use guides to see the distances on the rulers. If you haven’t already you can enable the rulers view through the menu. Then you can drag out guide (lines) from them - horizontal or vertical. You can drag out as many as you need, line them up to to the places you want to measure between, and check the distance on the ruler.

That being said, I can’t tell you what units the ruler measures in or if you can select other units.

Video Demonstration