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Show additional measurement information like horizontal offset

As user coming from Sketch I am missing additional measurement information. To be precise I am talking about the horizontal offset of seperate elements while pressing option key.

Am I the only one who’s missing this feature?


Same. This is one of my biggest frustrations in switching to Figma. I get not everyone might be this nit-picky on their measurements. But once this is part of your way-of-working, it hard to go back.

For those who might not understand the difference. These are measurements from Sketch (left) and Figma (right):


The consistency of displaying measurements between objects etc. is hands down my most frustrating experience with Figma. I have 2 elements and need them spaced 8px and it displays a measurement 2 out of 5 times at best.

This is the one thing that keeps me going back to Sketch.

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