Manually positioning overlays with conditional logic - workaround

Currently Figma doesn’t allow us to manually place overlays when set within conditional clause. However after some trial and error I’ve found a workaround to this.
When editing interaction containing “If”, simply add a new “Open overlay” action outside of “If” operator. Set the desired position manually and then drag this action inside the "If’ or “Else” clause.
Hopefully Figma team will give us a more convenient way of doing things soon :slight_smile:

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Nice workaround and thank you for sharing! Our engineering team is aware of this issue and working towards a resolution but in the meantime, the workaround you provided is the best option.

Do you happen to have a screenshot on how that looks? I’m trying to do what you mentioned but I keep on getting an error

Here you go. Simply click “+” to add a new “Open overlay” interaction and specify the target object and “Manual”:

Then grab your newly created interaction (click outside of text) to the corresponding clause of “if Else operator”:

Hope that helps.

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