Managing huge Component Sets

I’m having trouble managing a collection of icons within a component set. When we use multiple icons as variants, it becomes necessary to categorize them in order to quickly find icons for specific purposes. I attempted to categorize the icons using a single variant as a spacer, which I named the category, such as “Socialmedia.” This method works well if we know the order of the categories before setting up the variants within the component. However, the problem arises when we add a new category after setting up the variants. The idea doesn’t work as intended because the order is not editable.

Best practice for icons is to make each as independent component and group them in section.

@apretov thanks for your reply. This is a way i know. I dont want to swap instances to change the icon. The main idea was to make it possible to arrange the Variants in the dropdown list. I think this would be also helpful for other purposes like you want a special variant always on top or want to group up the list. My inner monk needs this sometimes :smiley:

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yeah, I agree, searchable dropdown is ideal for properties with many variants (like component property).

Btw Managing icons is basically inconvenient, it seems we need a separate object for isolated svgs…