Icon color changes on master component don't propagate to its instances that have icons swapped

Ok, sorry for the long title but let’s try to be straight to the point:

At the right-hand side you guys see instances that had its icons swapped. All the icons are also components.

Is there a way to change the icon color on the master in a way that propagates to all the instances including the ones that had its icons swapped?

Note that this is not the same issue addressed by Rogie here. It is kind of the other way around.

Thanks guys!

Hey Uria_Fassina,

I think what you want to do works pretty well with Rogie’s trick. You just need to set up the master component icon instance as an intersected element.

Hope that helps!

Now you made me more confused than before. I always use the “union hack” to set my icons and never could accomplish what you just showed.

What am I doing wrong?

Would you mind sharing this file?
Super thanks!

Haha, I hope that File makes you less confused and that it solves your issue

Have a great day

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