Make Version History links work again

I’ve tried it today. It still doesn’t work inside the Figma app (macOS). If you click the link inside the Figma app it opens the same version. It goes to a browser and then gets back to the same version of the same file.

If you’re using the browser version, it works. It opens another window with the correct version of the link.

I still think that it should work on the desktop app.

Flagging that this feature still seems to be broken when working in the Figma desktop Mac app.

Love the idea of linking to an archive within a cleaned up version of my same file, but because clicking the link seemingly does nothing (not even an error message notification), it’s not very intuitive. I just happen to copy and paste the link into a browser and then it works? I don’t think my team members would understand to do that.

Please fix this!