Make it an option to rename pages on double-click, or eliminate it


There are about 30 people on my team using Figma, and about 10 marketers and product managers with editor privileges.

Since editors other than designers are not accustomed to working with Figma, they double-click when selecting a page in Figma and change the name of the page without knowing it. This operation causes the page name to revert back to something like “Page1” many times (without even he himself realizing that he has changed it). Another person tries to change it back, but sometimes it is very problematic because it can be reverted to the wrong name.

To prevent this, I would like Figma to consider making it an option to double click to change the page name. Since page names are not changed very often, I think it is sufficient to be able to rename them from right-click.

Hey Ryosuke,
Thanks for your feedback. We’ll pass along to our team for consideration!