Make FigJam and Design files into one file type with different modes/toolsets

I often find myself wishing I could use FigJam features inside of design files and vice versa. Why not make them one thing?

Much like Affinity has Studiolink, imagine the following similar feature in Figma:

I can create a FigJam or design file much like now, except it’s really the same file type with two different modes or toolsets. Creating a FigJam means I’m starting in FigJam mode with its toolset, and creating a design file means I’m starting in design mode with its toolset, but I can switch between them with a simple toggle anytime I want.

This means, for example, that I can design all my screens in design mode, but then switch modes and use the flow tools and sticky notes on and around those same screens for peer review and developer handoff. When I share designs with stakeholders, I can restrict them to FigJam mode which is likely to be more familiar, and gives them all the tools they need to comment, add sticky notes, use stickers, etc.

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I’d like to be able to prototype my FigJam wireframes.