Major issues with component instances not being rendered correctly

Recently I have major issues with component instances not being rendered correctly.
Every other component instance is rendered incorrectly upon opening the file. To fix the problem I have to click into every instance, which seems to correctify it but is a major painpoint since I have hundreds or thousends of instances all over different files. This means I have no idea if the handoff to the programmer is actually correct since I don’t know which instances are incorrect or if they are rendered properly or not on the different devices.


Please also submit a bug report.


I’ve had the same issue and it’s very frustrating.

Sorry, haven’t seen your response.
I’ve reached out through the in-app bug reporting interface and they’ve suggested the same thing to fix the issue.
It worked perfectly well for me. The issue returns every once in a while, but now at least I don’t have to fix all the errors manually.
Thanks for your response!

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My team has been having the same issue, thank you for sharing.

Had the same issue, rendering complex prototypes useless because nested components would not display correctly. Double-clicking on individual instances temporarily “fixed” the issue one by one, but this method would be untenable for hundreds of instances.

Thank you for suggesting Regenerate all instances (slow) from the Quick Actions panel. It seems to have fixed all instances, but I am still verifying that this step has carried over manual overrides that were set during fast iterations in the layout process.