Major issues with component instances not being rendered correctly

Recently I have major issues with component instances not being rendered correctly.
Every other component instance is rendered incorrectly upon opening the file. To fix the problem I have to click into every instance, which seems to correctify it but is a major painpoint since I have hundreds or thousends of instances all over different files. This means I have no idea if the handoff to the programmer is actually correct since I don’t know which instances are incorrect or if they are rendered properly or not on the different devices.


Please also submit a bug report.

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I’ve had the same issue and it’s very frustrating.

Sorry, haven’t seen your response.
I’ve reached out through the in-app bug reporting interface and they’ve suggested the same thing to fix the issue.
It worked perfectly well for me. The issue returns every once in a while, but now at least I don’t have to fix all the errors manually.
Thanks for your response!

My team has been having the same issue, thank you for sharing.