MacOS Magic Keyboard loses option-drag etc

I have a perfect condition, new-ish Magic Keyboard. Suddenly it lost the basic ability to option-drag and other essential workflow key strokes. I can’t tell if i diasbled this somewhere or if my keyboard is not playing nice with Figma. Also, my apple laptop built-in keyboard does NOT have the same issue… so i’ve isolated this to Figma + bluetooth and magic keybaord. (This works flawlessly in Illustrator (Adobe) and Google Slides.) HELP!!

ALSO: cntrl-click also stopped working completely.

HI @Tyler14 hmm I have a Magic Keyboard on my end here but are still able to use shortcuts such as option + drag and cntrl - click.

Maybe check your keyboard settings in Mac OS under System. Settings > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts… and check your Modifier Keys for your Magic Keyboard there along with the other options present on the left side to make sure its setup correctly.

@Ryan_52 thanks! i can’t believe this but it was a WACOM tablet software glitch