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Luminosity not working in Prototype

I’m using the Luminosity blend mode to make all artboards grayscale. The artboards correctly display grayscale in Figma, but when I play the prototype, the screens appear in color.

Any way to see the prototype in grayscale? Is there another method?

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Hi @Dewey,

There might be a plugin that achieves your desire to see a prototype in grayscale. Feel free to explore on your own, but here’s one possible example:
Figma - Color filters... | ‘Color filters’ is a simple plugin that allows you to quick convert all the colors in you selecte...

Thanks @dvaliao,

Hmmm, it appears that plugin strips the color of all the art, which is causing tons of processor lag. For 3 screens it took over 10 min, until I cancelled the plugin. I have over 100 screens. Beyond that I don’t know how you would revert back to color anyway.

Do you know why changing the Luminosity is not working to achieve the end result?

Create a rectangle, put it inside the frame and cover all the contents with it, set its blend mode to hue.

Thanks @Gleb, Isn’t that what the blend mode for the Artboard should do? It shows as grayscale in the workspace, just not in the prototype.

No, this won’t work (as you already discovered). In the editor it blends with the background so you see the desired result but if you isolate the frame (like what happens in the prototype), there is nothing for it to blend with so it shows just as is. By the way, you should use Hue blend mode for that rectangle I mentioned, not Luminosity, I was mistaken.

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