Linking component interactions across a prototype

I am working on a “school screener” prototype for class that allows users to save their favorite schools into a “Saved” page. There are two ways users can save - 1. “quick save” when reviewing search results and 2. “save” when on the school profile.

My issue is having the “save” components be consistent across the prototype. If I click “quick save” on the search and then drill down to see the school profile, I want then the school profile to also reflect “Saved” and vice versa.

The same component is being used for both, just with different variants.

Hi there, thanks for reaching out! I’m trying to understand what you’d like to achieve, so would you be able to share more information with screen recordings or screenshots? If it’s difficult, you can reach out to our support team so you can get necessary help. If you can share your file, our support team will be able to explain with detail what the problem is. Please feel to reach out via this form: