Link textboxes in Figma

This would be completely helpful. +1!

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Agree. It would be nice to have auto-flow text with multiple-column responsiveness like InDesgin. Also would be nice to have other text formatting features like “Paragraph Space Above” for Headers you want different paragraph spacing to apply to. Just in general, make the Text features like InDesign or half as good, like Photoshop. We need more complex text formatting.

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Just in case there’s any confusion:
This feature would still be very helpful and very much appreciated :wink:

Thanks all. I’ll share this internally!

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This could be called “Split into columns” or “Span columns”.
Would be really useful and would improve a more responsive oriented experience.
Now, we can only fake this with multiple Frames and if the text needs to flow different we have to adjust multiple frames.

I second this. This needs to be a feature in Figma

Yes, I’m just trying out Figma (usually use Adobe illustrator) and one of the first features I’ve found that makes Figma less useful to me is there’s no way to wrap text between text boxes, to create columns.
There’s a columns plugin, but it doesn’t wrap the text into the adjacent text box when re-sizing the frame.

Yes. This would be useful when designing longform web articles that have long columns of text broken up with entry points like pull-quotes, images, video, and other content.

+1 on this one! Much needed, especially for digital PDF an presentation designs.

+1 on this as well

Indeed. +1 from me too.

Another vote for this…

Please add this feature! Would save me so much time. I was going to do my project in Figma but now will have to go back to inDesign.

Please add

+1!!! I am tired of making ebooks in inDesign.

@Figma this seems like a pretty easy feature to get done in a sprint or two and it would open you to a whole other crowed from InDesign that want to be creating eBooks and other PDF artifacts but don’t come to Figma because there is no text threading

Just keeping this alive. I’d rather have simple and extremely useful things like this than AI, which is blocked in my company anyway…