Link from content on page, to new pages header


I am about to present a design for a client, but I am having issues with linking from a box placed in middle of page, to a new page. Issue is that it is linking to the page, but not at top of page.

How to fix this?

Issue is on page PLASTMATERIALE, where I want to link to new page from red box:

Best from Jeppe

Fotgot to attach this screenshot that shows where issue is :blush:

Tick the option “Reset Scroll Position” on your click event and all set.

Thanx a lot Vishan, I missed that button :blush:

Do you by any chance know how to make mouse-over effect on text in headermenu? I tried Google, but what I found you had to make a new frame for each menu item…?

Hi Jeppe:
You can create a component for Menu Button with two variants.
Use While Hovering interaction on State 1(Regular) to switch to State 2(Hover).

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Thanx a lot Vishal :blush:
But what am I doing wrong here, since button KOMPETENCER not is aligned when hovering? :neutral_face:

Sorry, but what I am facing is issue with two instances - see attached screenshot.
Do you know how to fix this? :blush:

“This interaction will not be triggered as another one will be triggered first”

I found out, just made an interaction on each variable :blush: