Line Height Strange Behavior


I use the font “Sofia Pro” from Adobe Fonts in a project. I’ve been using this font for a long time, today when creating a new page when editing the text of one of the text blocks, suddenly the text box shrinks, and the line height of the text changes.

On the left we have the original block, and on the right the block when I click on it, this happens with all the blocks in the project. But the font characteristics are the same… I don’t understand. Does anyone know what’s going on?

Hey there,

Someone from our support team replied to your recent ticket. Please reply there including a link to the file and share it with can edit access to so they can take a closer look.

Hi, I have the same problem. And it has appeared recently too. It ruins my work. :sob:

Hello. I already did that three days ago, I’m still waiting for an reply. Thanks.

With the same font? Sofia Pro?

Was this on ticket #741475?

From what we can see on our end, the support team never received a reply from you with the file link. The last message support sent was on Monday, 5/29 at 11:37 am.

No, I use Proxima Nova in the problematic file

I’m still waiting for an answer by email, and yes the ticket is #741475.

Hey @UX_UI,

Our product support specialist, Les, replied to you on March 29th at 11:37 am PT, as I mentioned above. Have you checked your spam folder just in case it landed there by mistake?

They asked, “Can you provide a direct link to the file here, and invite with “can edit” permission, so we can look into this further?”

I have the exact same problem with Proxima Nova. Did anyone get a solution? Could you please post it in this thread?

I too have that exact same concern. My text line height reduces when I double click on the text component. I then have to manually adjust the line height. Can you please help me fix the issue @dvaliao @Figma_Moderation

Hey @Dinesh ! Sorry to hear you are having issues with your text line height.
In order to investigate the root cause, please also reach out directly to the support team by filling this form: here
(I’ve checked on our back end with similar issues, but we didn’t received enough details to investigate it).

Be sure to use your Figma account email, share a short video of the issue, include the link to the affected file, and share it with so we can investigate it. Thank you!

What’s the verdict on this issue?

I am wondering about the same thing. Also which is weird:

  • One day I work in my file, I click a text frame the Line Height gets smaller,
  • No possibility to CMD+Z the text box to the before state
  • The next day I click the same text boxes again, and the Line Height gets larger, so basically changes back to the state before

Has this been resolved? I can live with a comment like: This is a bug at the moment, I mean it’s just a computer program and nothing is perfect, I just would be happy to understand why this is happening.

Kind regards