Library swap between published and local libraries

Hi there, I am currently laying the foundations for a Design Language System. At the same time another team is working on the first of a series of Apps. My intention is to take the components that they create for that first app and then add them to the design system, so we can re-use elements for all the future Apps

The DLS and the the first App will be created as two separate design files within the same project. My hope was that at various intervals I would be able to copy and paste content from the App into the DLS then publish the library from the DLS and get the other team to use the library swap feature to swap their local components with those from the DLS published library.

But my initial tests lead me to believe that this isn’t possible. It seems that you can only use library swap on two externally published libraries rather than an external library (the DLS) and a local library (the App). Is this the case?

If so, what is the suggested workflow in this situation?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks

Well, technically it is true. The way I would do it is I would publish the App Library and then move all the component to another file. Republish and swap

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So maybe if i suggest that the other team uses a separate design file to create their components? They would publish that to use for their App.

Then I could copy and paste content from their external Component design file into my DLS design file and publish.

And because, in their App design file, they are referencing the library published from their Component design file - they should be able to use the library swap feature!!

Thank you for the suggestion - i think that should work great :+1:

It would be super handy to be able to swap with local libraries at some stage in the future though :slight_smile:

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