Let me collapse variables headers

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It’s inconvenient to have to scroll to the bottom every time. And also writing the name of the variable on the keyboard, especially it doesn’t solve the problem, because variable names can be repeated, e.g. small for radius and space.

I propose that it should be possible to collapse headers and sub-headers and remember their status.

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Hi @Kirill_Yudin,

Thanks for reaching out!

At the moment, you can use groups and sub-groups to better organize your variables and not have to scroll all the way down to find them every time. Clicking a group will only display the variables that are part of this group.

While it’s not possible to collapse your groups in the variable table, you can do this (if they contain sub-groups) in the left sidebar of your variable window. Also, if your groups contain too many variables, I suggest you create sub groups (Main group/sub-group/sub-sub-group etc.) to find your variables quickly.

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I hope this helps and answer your question! :slight_smile:

Hi @mfelix
I think you may be misunderstanding the request. While you can group variables and and use the sidebar to navigate between them in the Variables window, I believe @Kirill_Yudin is talking about wanting to collapse variable groups/subgroups within the variable dialog that displays when trying to apply a variable to a property. That is where we need to be able to collapse groups and subgroups, because there is no sidebar there for more quickly navigating to the group/subgroup/variable that might be way, way down the list.
Being able to collapse those groups and have it remember collapse status would drastically improve my experience trying to locate the variables I’m trying to apply.


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