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Layer Structrure changes when i move an element

Hey Figma Folks,
we use a very complex design system with many nested layers. Everytime when i move an element with the mouse it brings automaticly the layer inside in the nested structure. that is weird, if you want to use some spacer elements or other things they have to be on the top - level. the only way is to use the arrow keys and move it manually on this position. is there any solution (maybe shortcut, plugin) or whatever. Our complete team is frustrated with this behavior.

Hold down the spacebar while moving.

Thanks, I have tried it. But unfortunately it does not change the behavior.

ah, ok you have do this on the right moment. it´s tricky, but better!

But, with hold alt key to duplicate, it don´t works anymore.

First make a duplicate of the element and then move it while holding the spacebar.

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