LAUNCHED - Typography Variables (Font size, Font weight and style...)

I would love to be able to set variables for font sizes.
That way i could define the reduction amount for the mobile versions of our designs.

Set a vaiable of 40px and a mode “mobile” with the value 32.
This would make this kind of conversions a breeze: If a text looks to big, opt for its mobile version. done.


:point_up_2: This!
It would be Sooooo helpful :heart:

Just so that you know, there is already an topic for that. Add the option to set the size of texts in local variables


C´mon fig guys… You know you want us be able to this:


Firstly new variables are mind blowing …

Can you imagine being able to drive your font sizes with a variables.
Or swap the font typeface with a string variable.

You could then set a mode for Desktop Tablet and mobile.- even media selector/ break points.

Then easily flick between modes or drag components from a Desktop frame to a mobile frame and WHAM!! not only can colours, text and numbers change but you could truly create one component that works across any screen size - without the need to variants.


YES the example above is exactly how we want to set up our variables, but at this stage Figma doesn’t allow text size as variables — what the?!


In addition to having support for variables inside of the text settings menu (font-size, line-height etc.) I would love to have support for variables inside the the variable-font axis picker.

I want to be able to shift the axis of the variable-font (weight, optical size, width) so that I can optimize my components for dark mode and smaller text on mobile.

In dark mode, I could make text slightly thinner to optimize legibility.


I came here looking for this! It’s confusing being able to create variables for several elements in a responsive design but not text when it’s the main thing being adapted. Figma, we really need this to work :pray:

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It seems coming soon …

  • Typography variable type: We’re exploring how we want to support typography variables. We want to provide a way to switch between combinations of typography properties, like font families, sizes, spacing.

yes we need this to happen


The new Variables beta is really nice, but I would love the ability to use number Variables for variable font properties. For example, I like to set the font grade/weight higher for dark mode versus light mode to compensate for visual bleed and improve contrast.

Variables already support modes for light/dark, but adding the ability to use number variables for font properties would be fantastic. Thank you!

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Hi @Anthony_Swierkosz ,
Thanks for your feedback, we’ll pass along to our team for consideration.

FYI, as variables continues to evolve and grow, our team is also exploring how we want to support typography variables. We want to provide a way to switch between combinations of typography properties, like font families, sizes, spacing. Stay tuned! More info here.


I think it would be just as efficient if we had a style variable so a variable could be linked to a specific style which would allow for font customization for each variable mode. This would be huge for responsive.

This has also been requested here:

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Bump that notion! Please make it happen, Figma!

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I was looking for the same think for iOS Accessibility, to easily check different Accessibility sizes.

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Looking forward to this feature!

October 2023 checking in :cowboy_hat_face::point_right::point_right:


I’m designing an app where people can add themes and text overlays to their camera, and it’d be great to build a working prototype for the team where I can use variables to test out different themes (colors, fonts, font sizes, uppercase, etc) for a single layout.

I’d love to see more flexibility with variables :crossed_fingers:t3:

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I’ve hit this limitation today. Could really do with font size as a variable. Come on Figma team… an early Christmas present perhaps?


We need this update. Come on, Figma


100% agree! So important to really use the variable system productive. When can we expect typography support?