LAUNCHED: Nested variant component override controls

Searching for selective variants turn up 0 results :thinking:

Sorry it was selection variants… miss spell :wink:

Sketch does this, why not Figma?? ::

if the topic gets enough votes Figma will incorporate it for sure, in the meantime, the plugin made by @Gleb works perfectly, but if you still want this as a native feature, just vote this topic and get more people to vote it

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Suggest to look at Framer for attribute Settings. They have a great way to configure properties


Sketch does this, expose all overrides of all nested symbols when the parent is selected. It’s horrible in my opinion. I prefer the current behaviour to be the default, but, give us the option to individually expose whichever overrides we’d like for the parent to show.

Once you have a larger component in place, like a header with a login button and menu items. You’ve already defined the intricacies of whether that login button should have an icon or not at this point, so I don’t need that override to be getting in the way. What I might want to adjust would be the open and closed states of each menu item when I’m using that header component everywhere else. If I want an icon on that button I just make an adjustment once to the master component of the header.

In the simple example above I do actually prefer selecting each menu item and toggling between expanded and default, but when some components get a bit too complex, I’d like to be able to expose certain overrides when the parent is select.


@Gleb im so excited with the new Component Props update, does your plugin Selection Variants supports the new features?

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No, a ton of code needs to be written to support those, it’s not a quick task (this feature was released just 12 hours ago haha).

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i know, its the excitement :rofl: sorry

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Just found out even the API isn’t released for it yet. Soo will need to wait for that first. But I’m glad you are such an active user and immediately thought about the plugin after that feature was added.

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is there anything I can do to help?

Feel free to design some drafts for the UI by duplicating the open design file and then send me the link if you create something. No rush here, I don’t think I’ll actually be able to actively work on any plugins for some time.

i actually meant coding, but ill give it a look!

Oh that would be great! I just sent you a DM. Also the API seems to be available, just not documented or announced anywhere yet.

now now now! :rofl: 12 hours is plenty of lead time!!!

API still not released… :sob:

This idea is a “should” !


Hi there,

Nested variant is such a great feature. But I don’t understand why Figma did not allow to manually select which variant we want to be displayed and which variant we do not want to show… This is really painful.

Or is there a way to do this ?


This Figma link describes “Expose properties from Nested instances”, which is what I was looking for!