LAUNCHED: Leading Trim

There should be a way to automatically crop the text-box to the typeface Capheight and Baseline.


Once I started manually adjusting my type boxes, I could space them out more efficiently. I found the overall design looked better as well, without me having to resize, add negative spacing in auto-layout, or manually resize text-boxes vertically. Having an option to automatically convert text-boxes to a capheight and baseline would be invaluable, imho.

The article details how developers are given arbitrary numbers for vertical spacing since text-boxes add arbitrary space. Let me know what you think.


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Hello, I am looking for Figma to add a short cut/feature that would cause a text box to snap to baseline and top of type ascender edges.

It’s neccesary to get text boxes to be pixel perfect padding distances.

This is available in Adobe and saves a ton of time.

@tank666 Thanks so much! Is there a shortcut for this?

Also, how do you reach that panel?

Please follow the Help Center website at the link in my original post to learn more.

Thanks, I tested it out, but it ignores the bottom descenders of the type-so it does not help acheive a text box that can accurately show padding. Any other suggestions?

As you may have learned from the article, this function trims text by cap height and baseline. So if you want something different, you can wrap the text layer in a frame and change its height.

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