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Laptop/Monitor/iMac and Custom devices in Prototype


I am currently searching for a way to present my prototypes in a “laptop/mac/screen” device. However in the prototypedevice dropdown I see no option for it.

is there a way to have a “TV” as device for example? Or a “Macbook”, or a “Monitor” or a “Custom-Device” ? If not that would be cool to include sometime.


What’s the point of such device if you are already viewing the prototype on a computer?


For the same reasons there are currently all those other “mobile” devices.

  • Not everyone is previewing it on a computer, sometimes it is projected in a large projector screen. Think about large presentations.

  • It is especially useful to inform my colleagues how a web design mockup should look and work in the device it was originally concepted.

  • Sharing Screenshots with the proper device transports overall a better feeling, all gives a “big picture” message.

  • Why not?


Hi there,
I would like to create a scrollable prototype in a macbook device, but I can choose only phone and tablet devices in the prototyping section.

Is there any way to create the same visual just in a laptop not in a mobile device?
Many thanks!

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I would like to create a video about scrolling and clicking on the webapp. The easiest way would have been to have the laptop device and record my screen. However, if there are easy ways to do this, please share it with me :slight_smile:

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Hi, I also second this. Please kindly share if you guys find any solution for this!

Definitely give more context when presenting the website on the device mock up :slight_smile:

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I’d love to be able to add custom device frames for other devices than just computers and smartphones.
For example, i am currently working on HMIs for air conditioners. And it would really help my clients understand the prototype better if there is a picture of the hardware as a frame when presenting or sending it to them.


That is a great point!

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I have the same issue for embedded devices. A feature like that would definitely help.

There should be “community” devices that you can “install” so that we don’t need to constantly complain to Figma about updating preview devices like this.