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Keying size values on a frame while ignoring constraints

When keying in numerical sizing values to change the size of a frame there isn’t an equivalent to holding down cmd / ctrl and dragging but for numerical entry.

I am constantly, having to zoom into the element and then use the keyboard command and drag the parent frame around until I get the exact value I want. Be much faster to just key it.

Does anyone else have this frustration?


Yes. This please.

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I don’t see how this original comment is related to the thread that brought me here, suggesting providing the ability to resize a frame without resizing the contents inside the frame.
It is extremely frustrating to work on a frame that I cannot resize. I am developing UI and I consistently find Figma horrible to use during the conceptualization process. This is such a minor feature that could speed up my work process tenfold.

If you’re looking for something that can handle this, I create a plug-in for exactly that (based on what I think you’re asking for)