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Keyboard shortcuts aren’t working

If you’re unable to apply keyboard shortcuts to FigJam objects, this is a bug! Let us know what keyboard shortcut you used and what FigJam object you applied it on.

If you’re experiencing trouble with a non-US keyboard, this is currently expected since shortcuts aren’t fully supported with international keyboard layouts. We recommend try switching to a US keyboard layout as a workaround.

And as a workaround switching between applications I should switch keyboards again? I guess not.
Guys you really need to figure out this individual shortcut thing because graphical users will individualize their shortcuts first thing they begin to use a new design tool and save this set. Period.
Thrilled with Figma over all, but THAT is a big no go for me.


You guys really need to sort this thing out. It’s not possible that a company like yours with a product like yours has a problem of this kind. It’s just unbelievable.


This is still not fixed…The workaround is removing the “&hide-ui=1” parameter from the URL and reload the page.

Hello Hanna!

Switching to the US keyboard doesn’t work, I am using the Shift C for the connectors.
Thanks in advance