It's time to update figma inteface

I think that it’s time to update Figma interace, i think that other tools like Sketch, XD and Framer has a great UI, Figma is the best in features and plugins,but UI still missing something.

if you agree please vote up.

I agree that Sketch is very good, the UI is clean, the organization is better than Figma but overall, it’s not better than Figma. They’re equally good in terms of the interface. Figma needs improvements but I think a redesign may lead to a worse experience and users are used to the current interface.

Agree with you, bew UI3 is great,nearly to FramerX, but still need more enhancments, like the custom border new UI is a miss, old one was great.

and must be a way to switch back old design , if you will make a huge change like current UI3, you should leave the backdoor open for every user to switch back to old UI.

Totally agree.