It doesn't covering any save files linked styles

Hi there!

Anyone know, that Figma doesn’t covering any save file library that has been linked styles and published on the page, especially when delete the imported file?


  1. When delete the imported file that contain a lot of linked styles inside component and I tried many times to open same file and what was happened? All styles/component that have been linked disappeared!!! … It’s reset to default page. I checkedl the draft/history delete menu, the file that contain styles it’s gone!

  2. Sometime when I restored the page shown a blank page that user should contact the owner user/help desk. :sweat_smile:

  3. The last one, why when imported some files with the same file name, there’s no warning message like aggree or dissaggree to replace an exsisting one that contain styles, new component, etc? or create new file page with different name file by system

I’m using an organization subcription, it should be fine, but I don’t know its an issue or no fitur in Figma for auto save library linked styles (if delete from an imported file)

It’s horrorible :frowning:

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