Issues with prototypes

Recently I have been encountering a lot of issues with Figma Prototype. Is it normal? Maybe Figma is working on updates, which is why this is happening. Or I am the only one facing it.

  1. My prototype won’t update automatically when I make changes to mockups or components. I have to manually rerun(a restart doesn’t work) the prototype to see changes.
  2. The prototype loading is very slow and sometimes it is stuck in loading forever. The issue is faced by other team members as well.
  3. Sometimes the cursor goes missing and one has to guess where it is based on the highlights on buttons.

Same here…not to mention a bunch of other things that suddenly stopped working. Why? I don’t know… Every update brings new bugs that are not fixed…

I reported problem #1 a while ago and nobody responded. I’m still experiencing this issue from time to time as well.


I’m battling with similar experiences. I have a very simple protoype that I am previewing on my phone. Some changes update in real time. Others don’t. There doesn’t seem to be any consistency in what updates and what doesn’t.

Figma, can you let us know what kind of behavior we should expect? Refreshing the page and starting from the beginning is not a trainsmash, but it doubles the reviewing time every time… which is not great.

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This is old but I kinda have all these issues with my prototypes! I am experiencing behavior changes through components not showing the right ones, and not updating automatically. But the first issue is really frustrating and what you are supposed to do when you have to present to a client - you have to explain every single time "Oh, Figma is messing this, it is not supposed to look like that…"and bullshits like that.

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Figma prototype is not updating when we do changes

Hi all.

Apologies for our lack of engagement so far. I’ll gather information to discuss with our team. Is this issue occurring in specific instances? From what I’ve seen in earlier posts, it appears to be related to using components. However, I’m struggling to replicate the problem. Could someone please share your Figma file so we can conduct a more thorough investigation?

Thank you.

Experiencing inconsistencies and bugs with Figma prototyping. It will be hard to perform user testing if the prototype doesn’t work. All the connections seem to be correct but nothing works. Is there any updates on fixing this?

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Hi there,
Sorry for such a late reply.
I think it has to be a update bug, Like my Figma version was not updated properly hence faced this issue, currently these issue does almost never occurs. Not to me atleast.

@Lakshman @Mary5

Can you share us if there is any error message on your end? Is it happening in the browser, desktop app or both?
For quick fixes, can you please force-quit and open Figma in a new browser window (or force-quit the Figma Desktop app and restart it.) Also, please clear out the cache. Here are some information to troubleshoot: 1

For mobile performance issues / crashes please try the following steps:

  • Checking the impact of interactive components with variants Because the presentation view currently loads all variants in a set, not just those used in a specific transition, using large variants sets for interactive components uses a lot of available memory. We’d suggest creating a set with only the states needed for a specific transition or disabling interactive components as needed.

  • Removing hidden layers: Loading and then hiding many layers, especially in components or with images stored in them, can cause a high use of available memory on loading.

  • Removing stacked masks and effects like shadows and blurs also take a lot of memory to load.

  • Downsizing large images: You can check the size you’ve added an image to a File at by temporarily toggling the Image Fill settings to ‘Tile 100%’. If the preview you see is much larger than the Frame it’s filling, we’d suggest toggling this setting back, and then exporting the Frame and replacing the Fill with that export. You can also optimise image size in bulk using a plugin.

  • For frames, turn clipping on if possible

If this doesn’t help, I’d suggest you to reach out directly to the support team by filling this form here: 1, so we can try to replicate it. Be sure to use your Figma account email, include links to the file, and share it with