Issues with prototypes

Recently I have been encountering a lot of issues with Figma Prototype. Is it normal? Maybe Figma is working on updates, which is why this is happening. Or I am the only one facing it.

  1. My prototype won’t update automatically when I make changes to mockups or components. I have to manually rerun(a restart doesn’t work) the prototype to see changes.
  2. The prototype loading is very slow and sometimes it is stuck in loading forever. The issue is faced by other team members as well.
  3. Sometimes the cursor goes missing and one has to guess where it is based on the highlights on buttons.

Same here…not to mention a bunch of other things that suddenly stopped working. Why? I don’t know… Every update brings new bugs that are not fixed…

I reported problem #1 a while ago and nobody responded. I’m still experiencing this issue from time to time as well.


I’m battling with similar experiences. I have a very simple protoype that I am previewing on my phone. Some changes update in real time. Others don’t. There doesn’t seem to be any consistency in what updates and what doesn’t.

Figma, can you let us know what kind of behavior we should expect? Refreshing the page and starting from the beginning is not a trainsmash, but it doubles the reviewing time every time… which is not great.

This is old but I kinda have all these issues with my prototypes! I am experiencing behavior changes through components not showing the right ones, and not updating automatically. But the first issue is really frustrating and what you are supposed to do when you have to present to a client - you have to explain every single time "Oh, Figma is messing this, it is not supposed to look like that…"and bullshits like that.