Some changes aren't updating in the prototype view

Has anyone had the problem lately of making design changes, but they aren’t updating in the prototype view? This doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does I need to refresh the prototype tab for the changes to appear. For example I just added a banner to one of my frames and the banner didn’t show up in my prototype until I refreshed the tab. I’ve also noticed it with smaller changes such as adding borders to elements, and the borders don’t appear.

If this is a bug it could be affecting viewers of my prototypes too, who won’t always be seeing the latest version and won’t know it. Or there will be missing elements and the prototype will look broken to them. I use the desktop app so haven’t confirmed if this is a problem in the browser as well.


Happens to me all the time too!
In both desktop (Mac) and Figma Mirror (Android)

Same here :confused:

I have the same isssue :expressionless:

Happening to me also very often.

Right now, in the project I’m working on, the position of the text is updated in the prototype view when moving it around. But if I change the color, this is not updated. Earlier today in another project, the prototype didn’t update the position of an element. So it seems very random which elements aren’t updated. I have to close the prototype all the time and press ‘play’ again.

Very uncool, Figma… please fix now