Is there anyway to create stagger animation?

Hi, I’m trying to create stagger animation in list. Like table tr row, how can I create stagger animation?


I’m also having this problem. I want to make a staggering animation but when I have one animation going, the second animation comes and cancels the first animation for some reason.

Hi there, Thanks for reaching out about this.

I’m uncertain about the method @Michael35 used to establish your prototype. However, if you have multiple animations set to a single trigger, they will play one after the other. Therefore, the behavior you are encountering is to be expected. You can check the details here: Multiple actions and conditionals - Animation order

​One method of achieving this could be to use After delay among multiple identical frames, in order to create the desired animation.

It might not exactly what you achieve but I found a couple of design files you might get some insight:

You are welcome to freely explore by yourself:

With that being said, this appears to be an excellent suggestion for multiple action that can be shared in the “Share an idea” category.

Hopefully, this will be of some assistance.
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