Is there a quick way to find a layer by name but restricted to your selection?

I know where my layer is and part of its name, but it’s hidden and/or buried. I want to do a Find command to quickly select it (or any layers matching that name), but results I get are for the entire page. It’s not very helpful and the search itself can take a long time if my page has a lot of elements.

I looked for plugins but they don’t seem to allow restriction of the search to a selection of objects.

For example, let’s say I know the frame that the layer I’m looking for, is in. I would select that frame, and then run the Find command, which would restrict the search just to within that frame. The search should be much quicker, and the search results would return much less noise.

Is there no plugin that does this, or workaround in order to do this?

Hey, have you tried this one? Select by Name | Figma Community

It does what you describe

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@Pavel_Kiselev - yep it does! It doesn’t mention it explicitly in the plugin description, and I was also searching for “find” plugins, not “select” plugins (didn’t think about doing that).

Thank you for the pointer!