Is it possible to make Figma notifications appear as system notifications?

As non-designer viewers (PMs or developers), we are made aware of design changes when the designer @mentions us, then we will see it in the notifications menu in the home screen of Figma, and in the comments section of the related design.
Is it possible to make the notifications more noticeable by having system banners/alerts, or red dots on the badge app icon ?


I hope you get an answer for this because I would like to know as well. In the meantime, in case you don’t already know and it is helpful, I receive notifications of mentions in Outlook, and also via a plugin in Slack. I will admit I’m debating getting rid of the Slack plugin because now I have double the notifications! But when one comes in, both through Outlook and through Slack, it also triggers a Mac system notification to appear in the upper right corner of my screen.

Emails tend to be drowned in the flow of various notification emails. But I’ve just started using the Figma Slack plugin, so far it does the trick !

Would love this feature

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Figma team – if I could wish for ONE improvement, it would be this!

Native push notifications on desktop and mobile.

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I have the same question

I would love to know if anyone has any suggestions here. I never know when i have a new comment on the iPad app even though i have notification sent to “ON”.

Hey all, just to let you know we now support push notifications on our mobile and desktop apps! Just make sure you’re on the latest versions on the apps, and have granted them notification permissions.

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