Is it possible to apply strikethrough to every text in a figma page

Imagine a Figma page with thousands of text layers inside many frames. It will take half a day to select all those texts individually and Cntrl+A works only for a single frame. Is it possible to select each and every text element in that page. Im asking this because, all the text got strikethoughed and we dont know how it happened.

Hi @test19, Thank you for reaching out about this! I appreciate you sharing your challenge with us.

A possible method you might consider is using a plugin like Select Layers, which allows you to select all text layers on a page. Once selected, you can then click on “Multi-edit text” icon to edit the contents.

You can find more about Multi-edit text here: Create and edit text - Edit multiple layers at once Also, feel free to explore our community on your own.

While this method still requires some manual effort, it might streamline your process a bit.

I hope this suggestion helps! If anyone in our community has other methods or tips for achieving this, please feel free to share them here.

Thanks again for getting in touch!

Edit: I see Junko3’s response above has already included this, but I second it.

You can use this plugin to select all text layers (among other things)

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