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iPhone frame in prototype doesn't fit!

I’ve made all my wireframes 375x812 but when I select the iPhone X frame for display in the prototype it only is as large as my top left corner of the wireframe! Is this in Figma? Is it somehow just my display?

(it does the same thing when I am viewing other people’s projects sent to me)

I’m seeing this same issue too. What happens is Figma only supports a single “device size” per page and will default to the first frame size you create. My guess is that you created a frame with a smaller device size and even though you created a new one with an iPhoneX, the prototyping settings retained the smaller device size (this happens even if you delete the other frame). You’ll need to manually select the correct device size by clicking outside the canvas and selecting from the prototyping tab dropdown:

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Definitely not the most intuitive approach, and I let the team know your feedback!

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Thank you! I’ve done that, selecting the device size on the right side toolbar, but it still doesn’t fit. I’ve experimented by choosing other devices, to see if one magically aligns, but they’re all slightly too different as well

Hmm could you do a screen recording to show what’s happening? This sounds like a bug.

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