Invalid scope(s): files:read

Hi there!

My colleagues and I came across a problem with the REST API yesterday. We’re trying to get all published variables from a Figma file and used the sandbox in the documentation:

The response is

  "status": 403,
  "error": true,
  "message": "Invalid scope(s): files:read, file_comments:write, file_dev_resources:read, file_dev_resources:write, webhooks:write. This endpoint requires the file_read or file_variables:read scope"

Any ideas on that? Why does the automatically generated access token ask for wrong scopes? Is it a bug?


Looks like new scopes are required for Variables:

Can’t test it, tho, since I’m not on Enterprise package :frowning:

We can’t find the “file_read” or “file_variables:read” scope in the page.
What is wrong?


Perhaps 'tis the reason?

I confirmed that my account is Enterprise organization.

“Figma Organization” and “Figma Enterprise” are two different account types in Figma. How to determine which account type I have?

Thanks for all your answers! The Figma support already solved the mystery: It was indeed the problem that we only have the “Figma Organization” plan…

please How to view “Figma Organization” plan