Interactive components not working when nested inside a main component

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Nesting interactive components is still broken and mess up the prototype when used that way.

As I found, the only solution to get it working is to restrain from using by removing the interactions from the nested component and instead create additional variants for the parent component.

Depending on your number of nested components, their variants and resulting count of combinations, it is simply not reasonable to recreate them as single parent variants.

So currently, this takes away a big chunk of the Figma prototyping capabilities.

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Oh, so I am not the only one and Figma keeps not debugging basic things : /
Just tried to put a checkbox within a list component… unfortunately, results in an error.
“Cannot read properties of null (‘fileUpdateRequired’)” - of course the design system file is updated and published and the design file is updated… OMFG…

I’m having the same issue.

I have a dropdown overlay which works on its own, but when nested into another component, fails to work.

What’s the workaround?

Actually I fixed the problem.
The issue is that I had the overlay on a literally separate page. So this meant that I could see the overlay in the dropdown menu on one figma page, but not when I used a component instance in another page.

This may be helpful to know, you guys should put some sort of warning somewhere, because I lost a few hours of my life trying to figure out wtf was going on :joy::v:

Users should know that this is an issue somehow within Figma, like a warning.

Hopefully this doesn’t happen to other users.

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Nesting interactions still do not work. I have a nested component in a component. If I create an instance of the main component (with the other component nested inside) the change interaction of the inner component lets me only select variants of the main component, not variants of the component I attach the interaction to).

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I faced the same issue today. Any plans to address that?

Often this is an issue of the composition of the component itself.

If you mind to share the faulty components we can check :slight_smile:

i have the same problem, my components didnt work on nested instances

Been trying to figure this one out for a long time- I thought it had to do with how my nested components were named or something, but the only thing that fixes it is detaching the parent instance and then the nested instance works as expected…