Interactions of hamburger menu stop working when I change the variant

This is my prototype

I’ve been trying to create a hamburger menu for a one pager website. I created a component with variants of the menu.

I saw a video suggesting to connect the menu items individually to each page while they are instances

problem is, When I put my variant to “close” the interactions stop working, but when i let it as “open” it does work. So that means everytime when I open the preview, the menu is always opened at the beginning. How can i set it as closed and it would still work?

please refer to the prototype for reference it will be way more understandable i hope

thank you! this is what ive been trying to accomplish!

Hi @halel_vak, Thank you for reaching out and sharing your file with us. I must say, I was quite impressed with how wonderful your design is!

Could you please help us by pointing out which component in your design is the hamburger menu? We tried to locate it but couldn’t quite figure it out.

If possible, could you please provide a recording showing the issue you’re facing? This will help us to see the exact problem you are encountering.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Additionally, if anyone from our community has any suggestions or insights, please feel free to jump in!