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Interaction between components


I would love that one component interaction can impact another component

Example : i’m working for a video communication tool. I would like that when i mute microphone, it changes variant of the stream to indicate that microphone is muted

I have two components : Stream and ToggleMicrophone. If i have microphone in state muted i would like that stream has muted indicator state

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This should be possible with interactive components (currently in beta)

Note: The Change to action can only be used on variants in a component set. It’s not possible to use this action between two separate components or top-level frames.

It would be possible if both components were part of one variant this is not the case.

I want to be able to change state of the stream when i click on the mic toggle button

So to clarify, you want basically what interactive components allow, but with regular components instead of variants, right?

I would like that to be able to change variant state from another component.
If i click on a button i can switch another component variant from A to B.

Not sure if I am clear

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That would be really useful. The ideal would be to simply allow interactions between pages, independent of it being a component or not. The only difference is that components propagate their interactions to their instances.

Allowing to change the state of another component, which is essential, would not be enough, the components would need to be implemented in the same file and in the same page, which defeats the purpose of pages in the first place. It is sad that every neat feature Figma has for organize and keep your design system neat is lost when prototyping.

The workaround I am using to simulate non-local interactions, is to implement container components, that combine the change of state in multiple child components. It has some drawbacks that are not obvious at first, but may be enough for what you are trying to achieve right now.

Agreed this would be really useful!