Improve the New Position Sticky Implementation

And I think Figma messed it up…

Let’s go through some pains:

  • sticky behaviour doesn’t work with AutoLayout
  • in order to create it you need to:
  1. Create a Frame
  2. Reduce the height
  3. Apply Content clip
  4. change scroll behaviour to “Scroll (vertically)”
  5. place elements on the Frame (no auto layout)
  6. select some and apply Sticky to them

I was waiting for sticky elements for such a long time and it’s a complete fail.
Everything in my projects is Auto Layout, I’ve mastered it, and know how to nest and work with it to get almost 100% results as if it was implemented with HTML/CSS

Let’s imagine that I have something like this: Figma sticky elements doesn't work with Auto Layout - YouTube (video might still processing)

There’s no way to do it. And it my video above you can see how to set up a mobile view which is 100% auto layout and it scrolls nicely with a fixed header and footer.

There’s a room next to “Clip content”, or, what I just saw, you moved “Fix(ed) position” below the Auto Layout to the Prototype tab. Ugly surprise. Sticky is either true/false, and can be top/left/right/bottom.

Sorry Figma people, sticky headers are unfortunately trash :slight_smile: but lots of hugs and kisses for other updates.

Still waiting for navigating between pages in prototyping! :heart: