Improve Deep Select of Objects Without Fill

Figma has a helpful selection function known as Deep Select. This allows selecting deeply nested layers using CTRL/CMD + Click. My team uses this all the time as we select nested layers across multiple mockups containing complex nested autolayouts.

However, this feature does not allow you to select layers with no fill. This is an opportunity for a significant improvement because the best alternative selection method is to play double-click roulette while hovering the nested non-filled layer you want to select or to select filled children of the non-filled layers you want to select and then solve the shift-return tree traversal puzzle.

My suggestion is to allow this feature to work with layers that do not have a fill. This would significantly increase our speed.

There will be trade-offs for supporting this, however. For example, it would be more difficult to select layers behind layers with no fill and parent layers of child layers with no fill. So perhaps this could be supported as an optional feature in Preferences.


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