Images not aligning to themselves across more than 1 frame anymore

Hello there! I’m trying to align an image (technically two) across two different frames for “full-bleed effect”

In the past I’ve just selected both of the images within the two frames, and then aligned them to the left or the right and it would give me the result in the bottom two frames of my screenshot.

Now when I do the same thing, the image just gets aligned to the left or right of the frame. Maybe it’s a quick settings change but I haven’t been able to figure out what changed!

Thank you in advance!

Hello Gavin!
I’ve found a workaround that may help you.
First, I added both of the images within the two frames.

Then, I select the Frame(s) , and click in the Figma logo on the top-left corner, click “Quick actions…”, a search bar will pop up and type and select "Toggle clip content". This will hide any objects within the frame that extend beyond the frame’s bounds.
Hope this helps in the meantime! (Others in the community may have another quick workaround, so let’s see :slight_smile:

Here a quick video to better visualise it: