Images in Figma are not showing up

Images I’ve placed into Figma are no longer loading/showing…In a nutshell, when I log into my Figma board, any and all png/jpeg images in the board do not load, although if I hover over them with my mouse I can still see the outline/bounding box of the image… my internet connection is fast and I’ve tried viewing on browser-mode, restarting my machine, re-installing the app, etc. This is the second time this has happened to me within the past 2 months (it resolved on it’s own last time after 4 days of issues). Not sure if it’s just my account (I’ve tried logging in on another computer and still encountered the same issue) or if it’s just a bug on Figma’s end. My other teammates are not having this issue and can see all of the images as normal. Help!

I have a similar problem.
I have never had issues with drag’n’dropping screenshots, PNGs or JPGs from my Finder into FigJam but suddenly when trying to, my images import but only the “selected” outline is showing - not the image. When I go to “crop”-mode, I can see the image in a ghosted version but when exiting crop-mode, the image is not showing again.
I have tried everything from changing sizes, formats and manually importing the images and drag’n’dropping. I have tried both in browser and in the desktop app for Mac and my internet connection is fine. Nothing is working.
I have no issue in Figma design-files - only FigJam - and the problem appeared suddenly while working.
I’ve had this issue for 2 days now. I need help as well!