Image Fill not working in Firefox?

Hi all,

When I try to change a frame’s fill to image, I can get as far as pressing the ‘Choose Image’ button but nothing happens when I click. Clicking outside of the fill panel brings up the file explorer, but when I select the image to upload nothing happens. I can place images elsewhere on the canvas, even inside shapes. I can also drag an image from the file explorer into the fill panel for the image to show up. It’s just the ‘Choose Image’ button that’s not working (which is the more convenient method, for sure).

I’m on a PC, using Firefox. On Chrome, the image fill works as expected.

Things I have already tried:

  • Restarting computer
  • Clearing cache/cookies
  • Making sure I’ve allowed popups from Figma
  • Disabling all extensions on Figma
  • Updating Firefox

Not sure if this is a bug of some kind, or if there’s some hidden setting on Firefox that’s keeping it from working. Let me know if you’ve found a solution! Thanks a bunch