Idea: allow open apps like notion by adding links of app url schema(e.g. notion://xx)

so be able to jump to app and open specific page, instead of only allowing web pages

for example,


It already exists, replace in the link with figma://

I mean jump from figma to other apps. Right now if I add a “notion://xxx” link it says invalid link.

Ahhh, got it.

  1. Would like to link to open local file from figma like vscode file

  2. VSCode support vscode://
    The Visual Studio Code command-line options

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Hi @Gleb! I was trying this to open a figma link from Notion that would open the Figma App instead of the web, and I can’t seem to make it work. Neither by inserting a Link to the text or by using the Figma integration and providing the figma:// link … can you provide a bit more context?

Notion probably has some guards to prevent you from inserting links like this but I haven’t checked. Does it work if you simply open the figma:// link in the browser? If not, try reinstalling Figma.

Link works in the browser without issues, but I just can’t paste it in Notion. New safe guards then? Looks a bit counterproductive, but ok

I haven’t seen any mentions of this ever working in Notion so this is likely not new.

You can also enable a setting in Figma in the browser to always open Figma links in the desktop app.

Can we somehow pass data through the link and access it in a plugin?

I.e.: figma://data=“my-data”