Icon Hover Color Bug

I think the issue is not new, but I could not find a solution and do not quite understand if it is a bug and if so, why it is not fixed, since it is already something that is used very often.

I have created entries of my page navigation with icon and text as default component in my design system. I want to customize the icon instance in the project depending on the entry. There is a hover effect where the icon and text should change color, as defined in the component in the design system.
The text changes color in my project, but the icon remains in default color while I hover.

I do not understand why. All my workarounds did not work.

Can anyone help me?


Could you elaborate on the workarounds you tried?

Even if it doesn’t really make any sense at all, you should make sure the icon color in your component’s default state already overrides the original icon color. This helped in my case. Thats why all my original Icon components are in a purple color I don’t use anywhere.

But still Figma can have trouble displaying it correctly, as I encountered color bugs today nonetheless… :roll_eyes:
So it seems even overriding colors, giving icons exact same layer structure and naming does not make them bulletproof after all.

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Hello, seems i have the same problem on my side, but it’s a little bit tricky. If i import directly a button or anything with an icon from the main library, hover effect works perfectly. But if i import a specific component from a secondary library (where my icons are link to the main one), then the over effect on the icon doesn’t work. Anyway, my question is, how to check the overrides is working?


thats a lot @dwnrdt , that helped in my case :slight_smile:

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